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Glow Plug Light

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New member. I have owned my truck since January and for the first 10,000 miles its been great. The last 3,000 not so much. When I drive my truck the glow plug light will start to flash on and off and continue for as long as I'm driving the truck. After the first time, the check engine light has come on and now continues to stay on. Its been to the dealer 5 times and still the same problem. They have replaced all of the glow plugs and now the glow plug control. After I pick it up and drive it a few miles, the glow plug light will start flashing again and then the check engine light will come on and stay on. The truck runs and starts fine. The dealer told me to continue to drive the truck and they would again talk to the factory. Anyone else have these problems? I don't have a lot of faith anymore that the dealer can fix this.
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Same thing just happened to me with the glow plug warning light and check engine. Was wondering if you have any updates as to what is happening with your truck?
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