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Gm to make aluminum trucks too, will Ram join the party?

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The Wall Street Journal reports that it is likely that GM is preparing to make aluminum trucks, following in the footsteps of Ford. This conclusion was reached because of the news that GM signed new supply contracts with Alcoa Inc and Novelis Inc, which both supply aluminum.

Aluminum Silverados and Sierras are at least two years away though. The switch should coincide with the next-generation of trucks, approximately late-2018.

With GM joining the aluminum truck party, is it only a matter of time before Ram also starts making its trucks from aluminum? Otherwise, they would be holding out as the only American truck maker to still use steel. That would make their fuel economy ratings suffer.
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I think they will have no choice but to do this to keep up. It helps with cutting weight and getting better MPG's, it's what every car maker wants.
I think it is a matter of time before all trucks will switch to aluminum once costs of production go down.
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