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Goodbye, so long, and good luck!

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Loved my EcoDiesel when purchased in June 2014 and felt for the folks that were having the SCR system problems that resulted in CEL illumination over and over again. As mentioned in previous posts, my truck just purred with great mileage. Until I hit 30,000 miles. I visited the dealer 5 times in 5 weeks to address CELs stemming from SCR problems. On the 5th visit they finally replaced the catalyst (and to add insult to injury, they put a ding in the left rear door while the truck was in the shop).

Three days later (two days before I was supposed to take a 2600 mile round trip pulling a trailer) the CEL came on again. They apparently forgot to reset the sensors. Okay... I took the trip and all was well, but it was like playing CEL roulette. Every time I pushed the start button I sat there in trepidation that the CEL would come on again. Fine and well if I was near a dealer, but I often travel where it would take 2-3 hours to get somewhere with cell service IF the vehicle was operable. Just couldn't take the risk of being stranded for several days while I went to get and waited for help.

So, long story short, the EcoDiesel has gone off to a new owner (with full disclosure, of course). I'm now trying to decide if I go back to gasoline, look at a 2500 Cummins, or go back to the F250's which never gave me a problem in the 14 years I drove them until I bought the EcoDiesel. Hopefully Ram has ironed out the problems and those of you with newer builds won't have issues. Unfortunately, my confidence in the EcoDiesel is irreparably compromised. Too bad. Other than the fatally flawed SCR system, a great vehicle!
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