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Great MPG

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I just took a 90mi round trip to Riverside, CA and averaged 33.4MPG. Since there was some traffic I set cruise at 62 there and kept in with the trucks on the Fwy. On the way home all I could manage was 57mph but stayed in the right lane and kept and even pace with traffic. Almost 2kmi on the Eco now and ave 23.6MPG combined.
No issues other than wiping the smile off my face :eek:
I have loaded the phone into my truck and the Sat Radio is awesome. My teen sons don't even notice we're only doing 65 as they just blast the Metal as we cruise along!
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I have found with mine (3.55 gears, crew, 6'4" bed, 4x4) if I run 57-61 mph it will hover in the 33 - 34 mpg range per instant evic with no wind. Once I hit interstate speeds (69-74 mph) I drop. Per evic a 220 mile trip last week showed 28.8 mpg with perfect weather conditions running 72 mph. Actual hand figured was 28.152 mpg. Overall my average over the 3800 miles is 23.331 mpg (hand figured). I have noticed side or head wind are the ecos enemy. I understand that's common but it's more noticeable when your truck normally grabs upper 20s lower 30s and the wind takes you to 22. Wind hurt my last gasser , but it went from 18-19 mpg to maybe 15 mpg.

I have a legal pad I keep in the center console and log date, gallons, price, miles driven, and the math to go with all. Evic is nice but I have found discrepancy every time (sometimes a gallon off sometimes within a tenth). Probably overkill but I like to have everything documented. The documentation could also give e me an idea if a problem is developing.

Overall, gotta love the truck! I get a kick out of the looks I get when I pull up to the diesel pump in a 1/2 ton. Lotta people ask!
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I'm not in the automotive industry but do have many years doing the shade tree mechanic thing....i find it extremely hard to believe that there can be a 2 gallon variance on fill ups. With my new truck i never top off.....simply let it click off when it needs to. Not taking sides here and I do agree the 200 mile trip is not necessary accurate if you are just taking evic for what it says. I can tell you in over 4400 miles I'm averaging 23.2 mpg hand calculated.

Just My .02
Totally agree with you. Your first post just reads as if one time you fill up and it's two gallons more and the next time you fill up its two gallons less which is a 4 gallon swing and 4 gallons is a huge difference when doing the hand calculations.
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