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Great MPG

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I just took a 90mi round trip to Riverside, CA and averaged 33.4MPG. Since there was some traffic I set cruise at 62 there and kept in with the trucks on the Fwy. On the way home all I could manage was 57mph but stayed in the right lane and kept and even pace with traffic. Almost 2kmi on the Eco now and ave 23.6MPG combined.
No issues other than wiping the smile off my face :eek:
I have loaded the phone into my truck and the Sat Radio is awesome. My teen sons don't even notice we're only doing 65 as they just blast the Metal as we cruise along!
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OK DieselDawg is 100% correct. This is my first Diesel and my enthusiasm got the best of me. I now have 2500 mi on my Eco and via hand calc I ave 23MPG. The EVIC trip since I've owned it says 21MPG and when I use the other trip calc it's a bit off also.
Even with the exhaust issue which hopefully will be resolved soon I love the Diesel.
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