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Great MPG

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I just took a 90mi round trip to Riverside, CA and averaged 33.4MPG. Since there was some traffic I set cruise at 62 there and kept in with the trucks on the Fwy. On the way home all I could manage was 57mph but stayed in the right lane and kept and even pace with traffic. Almost 2kmi on the Eco now and ave 23.6MPG combined.
No issues other than wiping the smile off my face :eek:
I have loaded the phone into my truck and the Sat Radio is awesome. My teen sons don't even notice we're only doing 65 as they just blast the Metal as we cruise along!
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Can't get true mpg figures with 200 miles trips or just one tank...really need about 8-10 fillups to account for the top off variance ... so easy to pump two more or two less gallons at each fillup. After 8-10 that variance is minimal.
the 2 gallon number +/- is a range...not an absolute...could be .5 gallons. The point is that different pumps, human tendencies, temperatures and so on do factor in...if you fill up 8-10 times you minimize those variances.

Let's see...200 miles with one 10 gallon fill up...20 mpg

Or trust...2096 miles with 8 fill ups with a 114.7 gallon total...18.28mpg

Kind of the reason that overhead displays of instant mpg differ from hand calculations.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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