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Great Towing Mileage Going FAST

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Towed my small ATV/quad trailer with quad loaded for about 1,200 miles - Florida to Georgia. While at the hunting camp the temperatures dropped as low as 13. Two days and 200 miles of towing in below freezing temps. showed me only 19 mpg. Much was idle, dirt , muddy, rutted puddles and rocks. Literally every water pipe in my camp broke, making me run around with quad and trailer.

The warm running there showed mileage in the 22 mpg range at about 75 mph. I think it's all good until I went 420 miles home and hand calculated.

Now the temps. were warming the whole way. I was in a hurry to watch football so hammered it down. Ran that truck, trailer and load around 80 mph and at times 85 mph. Watched the radar detecter and slowed twice for police traps on I 75.

23.5 mpg. Seriously. The faster I went the better it got and remember - I was towing probably 1/2 a ton with that trailer.

I like it. I like it a lot.
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Go faster, better mileage. I love that.

I've tried to baby mine at 60 mph on the highway and other times I just needed to get somewhere so I've had it at 75. I don't have a hand calc but the evic shows almost the same instant mileage at either speed.
Literally bang for your buck. You notice the Revs through this? I would say off the top of my head that at the faster speeds you were simply staying in a meatier part of the power band??
there is almost no drag in that setup right? My 2 trailers definitely get worse with increased speed as they fight the wind outside the sides and top of the truck.

Still great to get 23.5 at that speed towing anything
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Right. Little to no wind drag. You do have the resistance from the bearings, tires and a little drag from that ramp tailgate sticking up.

It is low profile and that's a big factor unless you are starting and stopping.
How is it getting better when going faster? Not sure how that makes sense. I'm definitely curious though.
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