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Grille Cover?

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Here in Montana during the winter I see quite a few diesel powered pickups with a quilted black cover over the front grille.

Can someone explain the logic behind this? We do get a few weeks per winter with temps between -10 and 10 but most winter days are more like 5 to 25 degrees.

Do the covers provide a warmer running temp and more efficiency? Or do they make starting easier?

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Those front grill covers keep your engine running closer to its optimal temperature. They restrict the amount of cold air moving thru the radiator. Sometimes in extremely low temps, engines struggle to achieve their optimal temperature where they are the most efficient etc. Grill covers won't make it start any easier when cold. For that, you might need the engine block heater. New Ram has active shutter system that automatically regulates the air flow thru the radiators. Definitely no grill covers are necessary here.
do the grill shutters account for that? I was under the impression they were an aerodynamic play...
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