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Happy to be here...

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Hello everyone. I'm pretty excited about the new Eco Diesel. Currently I'm driving two cars to meet my needs, a clean one owner 1998 GMC Suburban 6.5TD...might have been the last one in the country when I bought it last year. AND a 12 Cadillac CTS AWD. The CTS is okay, but has been pretty underwhelming for what I paid. I know, I know...pitty party for the guy who drives a CTS.

Anyway, the plan is sell both the Burb and CTS and go to a Ram AND get my third stall back for my boat.
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welcome aboard sam! that is quite the predicament ;)
lol...yeah, 1st world problems for sure! Don't cry for me, if is doesn't work out...driving a CTS is my cross to bear. ;)
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WEll...looks like it's going to happen. We're changing vehicle programs at work and I'm getting an EcoDiesel. Laramie...not sure if I should jump to the Longhorn or not...Thoughts?

Sam Ia m

Well...I sold the Suburban today. I got $8K for it. I'm pretty happy. I also ordered my Eco Diesel back in June. Our company's vehicles are through Enterprise Fleet Management Services. The Limited does not qualify as a fleet vehicle so I ordered a Laramie with all the options except sunroof and the Ram Box. I was going to get the Ram Box, but couldn't get the smart lock system unless I was in limited trim. Oh well. I went all monotone white with tan leather and the 3.55 rear end. Can't wait to get this truck in the stable.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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