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Hauling Motorcycles and Scooters with the EcoDiesel Outdoorsman Crew Cab

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As part of a series MotorTrend is doing on an ED, this time around they covered what its like to haul motorcycles and scooters. Their full article can be viewed here:
2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Review - Long-Term Update 5
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I found thier long term test to fall more on the absurd side. I stopped following along when they had an entire article dedicated to how much trouble one guy had parking it. Thats not really a criticism of the truck, more a deficiency in operator...
Agree 100%, I stopped reading it when one guy complained that the 5'7" bed was too short for his motorcycle.

I have gone back from time to time, it seems to be a little more balanced now and they have put a lot of miles on it. Their long term goal is 20K but I think the ecodiesel is over 30K now.
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