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Hello All!

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I came from a great truck, a 2010 Toyota Tundra 4x4. Solid truck, super reliable, and held its values like no other truck made. I got the itch for something different as my truck is my daily (I have a 650HP Mustang that I play with and is broken most of the time). I wanted better fuel economy and the EcoDiesel was the only truck I would consider as it hit my goals. After a test drive and numbers game, I ended up with a 2014 Laramie Crew Cab 4x4 with all the bells and whistles. $55k truck negotiated down to $45.6k after rebates and a car buying service.

Hoping I don't have typical mopar problems as I had zero with my Tundra. Hard act to follow but I'm hoping Ram proves me wrong. Anyways, here are some photos. I have a review that I posted on a couple forums of an honest guys review of this truck which I will share here also.

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welcome to the forum, thanks for sharing pictures of your RAM 1500, would you ever go back to a Toyota pick up in the future?
welcome to the show, already been through your review. Congrats on the new rig, here's to hoping for many more miles of smiles!
yes welcome. saw your review - great read.

tundra definitely holds its value very well
welcome to the forum, thanks for sharing pictures of your RAM 1500, would you ever go back to a Toyota pick up in the future?
If Toyota were to get a little more serious with a redesign, I would think about it. Fallacies with there design include no Crew Cab with a 6.5' bed, no locker option on the rear or front axles, paint quality, no drivetrain updates on latest 2014 "redesign", & some other small things. For the most part, the 5.7L engine in the Toyota is a great gas engine if towing is your thing. The new interiors have caught up to Ford and Dodge and now they are nicer than anything Nissan or Chevy has put out.

On that note, if this 5.0L Cummins gets put in the Tundra it better be rated at 3/4 ton. A half ton truck with 300 HP/500 TQ is too much for that sized truck. It will still be too small to tow large loads and wouldn't be much more fuel efficient than V8/EcoBoost options. At that point, is it worth the at minimum $4000 upgrade? Heck no, I would buy a 3/4 ton instead. However, of Toyota puts a smaller diesel on par with the EcoDiesel they will have a competitor. And in the end, competition breeds better products so we all win. In the end, I will still buy the best truck out there.
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I hear you on that, Toyota really needs to better their design and even come out with a diesel. They had a diesel concept but dont seem to be doing much with it. No diesel in the pipeline.
I think they need to get fully competitive truck that scares the Big 3 like it did when the 2007 model came out. That truck made the others change their designs (like bigger HP V8's, 6 speed autos, real crew cab back seats, etc). Once they get the standard truck right, they should bring a Toyota diesel from Europe that they use in the Land Cruiser. My 2010 was a great truck & at that time was the best truck to buy IMO. But the 2014 redesign was lame which had me looking elsewhere, ultimately why I ended up in a Ram.
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