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Hello Comprehension Ignition Fans

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New member here - trying to get up to speed on the ED.

Planning to buy one in a year or two and my strategy is to gain knowledge from current owners before jumping in so I really appreciate all the comments. Currently running an X5 diesel and will replace my M35 when the time is right. I do at least 100 miles a day back and forth to work so high MPG and hauling capability is important.

Outside of the lack of HIDs, how are the features and design coming across? I only had one Dodge in my life (Durango) which was so-so compared to GM products.

Thanks in advance.
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welcome aboard, it all depends on how upscale you want to go with the trim, you can get these girls up to a cool $60K with the right options ticked and at that level they're downright sumptuous. These are not your fathers pickuptrucks ;):D
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