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Hello Fellow Members!

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My new machine arrived this week, I am stuck up north for another day so I can't even go for a tour yet! I have a couple of plans for this weekend though, I will take Pics and possibly do up posts for some of the upgrades when I get a chance.

1/ Install Rough Country 2.5" Leveling Lift Kit
2/ Install Zone Off-road HD Upper Control Arms to accommodate the lift.
3/ Install Air Lift 1000 Air Springs in the rear coils.
4/ Install a Catch can when all my parts arrive.

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That leather BENCH seat sure sounds nice. Those buckets are hideous and they have that huge consul right in the middle to "bonk" your right elbow and chafe the skin raw. Mine is a bench. It's not leather. Nice.

Black is too hot for Florida. Be glad you don't live here. (You don't, do you?)
Bench seat is standard on the basic trucks. There is a consul that you can flip down but mostly, mine is up so my right elbow is not hitting anything and I can stretch out to the side.

Buckets are not bad for sitting. You are stuck in one position. Would not be bad if there were a gap between the driver's bucket and the passenger's bucket. Even a consul would work if it were below the seat level. For some reason most all manufacturer want this "wall" of consul there to cramp you in and decorate with leather, cup holders, junk storage and chromed-plastic trim. People pay extra for the misery because today it's perceived as "stylish".

I long for the days at the drive-in and all the fun I had on the front bench seat. Even used the back bench to make memories. No stinkin' seat belts and holders to jab you either.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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