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Hello from Andrews TX..Need advice please...

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Hello all from Andrews,

Love the truck but need some input on my current problem. 14k miles after 5 months.
After 90% exhaust filter full come on, i made it less than 2 miles before light came on and message changed to 100% full, take to dealer and it went semi limp. ( can get up to speed but need to let off pedal to shift and really powered down) called dealer and was told to idle at 2500 for 20 mins. (NO GO) or run on hwy at 65 MPH for 45 min. Went 112 miles X2 (90 mins ea way) NO GO. Dropped at dealer to go check on it and have the mechanic tell me he cleared it and made it 50 feet before it came back on. Called dodge and they want us to fill out a questionnaire on my driving habits and they are not sure how to fix it yet because these are new trucks and i am not the only one with the issue..

ok that sucks but THEN i look over at the engine compartment because the hood was open to find oil everywhere?? I asked if they spilled oil from the change and the mechanic informs me that his counterpart who changed my oil 7k miles ago forgot to put the cap back on??? UMM ok this is where i need some input... 7K miles with no cap in west texas on and off dirt roads on the ranch... Any thoughts on what i should do..I am really concerned about dirt that got in and what is too much to ask for... thank you...
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I wouldd talk to a service manager first and record it with your cell phone or something. If that does not get you anywhere I would spend $200 or so for a lawyers time to draft them a nice letter. They owe you a new motor in my opinion. That is a blatant error
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