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New to this forum and 1500 EcoDiesel. I have ordered a new Big Horn 4x4, CC w/76" bed with RAMBOX, LSD.

Who runs this forum? The last one that I joined seemed to implode and did not have the annoying audio/video advertising which seems to potentially go away if I pay money ( which I am not against ). For profit? happy amateurs? Chrysler, Fiat?

Will visit and check things out and perhaps spend money or look else where. The forum that imploded certainly had an active group of sub forums with users and lots of information. "RAM1500diesel" it was a "dotCom" replaced by "hondatwins.net" total puzzle for me what happened.
The Ram1500Diesel site is still there. I belong to more than one RAM forum. It was helpful in information gathering before I made my purchase to get a good cross section of information, and now as an owner to keep an eye out for potential problem spots. But yes, one day they seemed to have server issues and it redirected me to the HondaTwins site, but the time the evening came around, all was good again.

Welcome Aboard!

PS I never understood how a manufacturer could make a 4 wheel drive and not put in some type of a limited slip or locking diff! In essence, making it a true 2-wheel drive, as opposed to what your ordered, which is really a 3-wheel drive, if you get my drift... But this is a whole different story! :laugh:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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