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hello from, Fermont, Québec

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I've got my ecodiesel since last June and I love my truck. We have a really cold winter in Quebec and I live in northern Quebec. Winter has been very rough with the truck . DEF tank entirely frozen ... so that's why I'm here, try to find maybe some info that could help or even give some info that could help others :)
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Welcome to the forum. What happened with your truck? Have you had to head back to the dealer?

I'm in southern Ontario and we've had -22C for a couple of days and I don't have any DEF issues yet. We've heard from some others out in Alberta that have though.

Put it in a garage and thaw out that DEF tank. Then go to a dealer. There is some kind of programming that can be done to keep your DEF line heater on longer.

I have only read about it and cannot offer first-hand experience. Last week we had RECORD cold one day. It went down to 33 degrees but did not show frost. Killed some of my plants and burned some blossoms off a few of my orange trees.

Nuts to winter. I don't like it and neither does your Ecodiesel. Warm it in a garage.
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