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help repurchasing

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I ordered a 2014 and after 5700 miles the oil cooler went out and blew my engine
Chrysler is offering MSRP to MSRP buyback
I get my $48090 value towards 2015
Just wondering if anyone has gone threw this process
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Getting back to the original question, I would think that MSRP vs MSRP is good. Makes no matter about incentives and buying since that is not a factor. You surely were put out by the problem but did get some use from the old (?new?) one. I kind of like it.

As for buying a truck from a Jap company, talk it up a bit later when Dec 7th is not on the American mind. As an American and remembering the stories my dad told me, I just cannot see how any American could deal with that.
I'll not be around to know but sure wonder what the future status on this is for Americans.

I mean, we are now being attacked and slaughtered by Muslim factions around the world. If they would make cars in the future, would our people buy them to the detriment of our own manufacturers?

Something to think about, heh?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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