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help repurchasing

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I ordered a 2014 and after 5700 miles the oil cooler went out and blew my engine
Chrysler is offering MSRP to MSRP buyback
I get my $48090 value towards 2015
Just wondering if anyone has gone threw this process
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Getting back to the original question, I would think that MSRP vs MSRP is good. Makes no matter about incentives and buying since that is not a factor. You surely were put out by the problem but did get some use from the old (?new?) one. I kind of like it.

As for buying a truck from a Jap company, talk it up a bit later when Dec 7th is not on the American mind. As an American and remembering the stories my dad told me, I just cannot see how any American could deal with that.
Well said......both parts. Visited that beautiful memorial June 27 2005 and I will never forget the emotions going through me.

Craftmp. ...Sucks this happened to you but I'm glad ram is taking care of you. Best of luck with your new ride. I absolutely love my ecodiesel laramie! Every one of my 4600 miles have made me smile!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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