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hi everybody

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Hi everybody, my name is Artur, and Im soon to be a owner of 2015 Laramie ecoD!!!
Cant stop thinking about that truck!! been waiting so long for it!! thats my first pick up, so any advice even something obvious is greatly appreciated :D
We were on a market for quite long, just because I decide to have a ecoD crew cab with RamBox... end up ordering a truck the way I thought will be the best. been waiting since September, so I have plenty time to look for some accessories.
and right now have a question about good retractible bed cover. I've seen couple online, looking for something cheep, but practical, and definitely water proof.

Also not sure if thats an option, but I'm running small business, and something like TracRac will be good to have it. Just not sure if tonneau cover could be installed together with that rac.

Anybody have similar truck and some advice for making it even better... pls let me know.
looking forward to talk to YOU!!
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Welcome to the forum. We're looking forward to hearing all about your experiences with the new RAM. Ordering is a great way to get exactly what you want in a truck. The wait is pretty long, but once you have it, the angst from all that time disappears quickly.

You will get 100 different suggestions from 100 different guys regarding covers and back racks. They're fun to read and you may glean some insight on your application. I was recommended to go into the truck accessory place where you can touch and feel all the different options. I found that the best advice for me.
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