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Hump on passenger side

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I do like the truck except for the hump by your feet on the passenger side. There is very little room to extent your legs and that could be uncomfortable for long distance driving. I was told by the salesman that the hump is due to the bucket seats and console on the Laramie model . Does any one have a 1500 with bench seats in the front and if so are there any electric adjustments on those seats like moving forward/backward and lumbar support? tnx
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how tall are you?
haven't seen many complaints about this.
I am 6'2''. Moving the seat all the way back will solve the problem but that's fine as long as no one is sitting behind.
I'm pretty tall and didn't notice this problem when I took the Ram out for a test drive. Have you already bought the Diesel Ram? It just doesn't really seem like a problem that is fixable to me.
I plan to purchase one to use for extended trips with my family. The passenger side is the issue and not driver side. I will look at a truck with bench seat instead to see if the problem exists.

Thanks for responding.
My teenage son noticed a little hump on the passenger side, but my short wife didnt. Mine has the bench seat.
I appreciate the feedback.
If you get the shorter bed isn't the cabin of the car a bit bigger, or am I just making that up?
I was under the impression that the cabin is bigger on the crew cab regardless of the bed size. The issue I brought up is about the passenger side. When you sit you are forced to angle your legs to the right side if you are a tall person. In other words your legs are not directly in front of view due to the hump on the engine side. That might be uncomfortable on long distance driving especially if you have passengers behind you and can't move the seat back. I was asking if anyone experienced that problem.
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