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I just traded in my 2013 Hemi Ram 1500 for an Ecodiesel Ram 1500!

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Like the title says... I just traded in my 2013 Hemi Ram 1500 for a 2014 Ecodiesel Ram 1500 last Saturday!

My 2013 just turned 1 year old at the beginning of the week and it had 47k kms on it (29k miles). My average fuel economy is 14.5L per 100km (16.2 US MPG)... Considering that diesel here in Ontario Canada is about the same price a 87 I think I am expecting to see a significant fuel savings. I also have a supercharged 426ci 2010 SRT8 Charger which I drag race on weekends... I tow it to the track which is about 350KM round trip based on what I have read the Ecodiesel should get close to twice the fuel mileage which is pretty incredible... My furthest towing trip was 2 years ago from Toronto to Georgia for the wannaGOFAST - High-Speed Racing - Home 1/2 mile drag race. I was averaging about 9MPG towing my enclosed trailer with the Charger in it (under 7000lbs).I could literally watch the fuel needle dropping lol... I love the Hemi, but I think that trucks work better with turbo diesels and hats off to Dodge for making it happen... especially combined with the killer 8 spd tranny...

I will keep everyone posted on how things go with the truck... I would like to a tuning box and am following the threads about them...

For those of you you that are into cars... My Charger's best ET was [email protected] at 100% full weight with the stock exhaust manifolds, stock mufflers, stock suspension and full size 18" on DOT drag radials... This was with TVS2300 Maggy which I just sold yesterday... I am replacing it with a 2.9L Whipple and am shooting for a 9 second time slip! If you watch the wannagofast offical video you will see my car in the intro scene leaving a GTR in a cloud of smoke lol

Here's an incar video of me running against one of the event sponsors in his highly modified 775HP all wheel drive Porsche...

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Hello Andre!

Being from Quebec just north of Ottawa i would advise you to hold off ontrading in your hemi! That is if you use the truck in winter conditions! thetruck in itself is very nice towing power is awesome and you can expect to savea whole lot on fuel, i was averaging 15.3 liters per 100 pulling 32 foot fifthwheel! Better than my gm 5.3 liter pulling scwat!!!That being said, D E F and Canadianclimate do NOT mix my truck has been in the shop for most of February!!!! Andno permant fix in site for D E F freeze up issues if i where you i would holdof till they find a permanent solution to Dam Exhaust Fluid freeze ups! Yes weare having a long cold winter but i bought this truck for 12 month use not tohaft to park it from December to March !
oops i should of read you title!!!!((Like the title says... I just traded in my 2013 Hemi Ram 1500 for a 2014 Ecodiesel Ram 1500 last Saturday!)) wish you luck ! (D E F)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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