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I took my Ecodiesel Ram to the drag strip today...

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Here are my results from the track today... I went on race event day so I did not get as many passes as I wanted... Watch the video to see how the truck ran lol... I will go back soon and try launching with more boost... My 1st pass I built over 10lbs of boost at the line and the truck didn't like it at all... it shifted into 2nd right away and the pass was ruined... after my best pass where I left with 4lbs of boost, I tried launching with about 7 lbs of boost in the return lane and the truck loved it... 0-30MPH in 2.6 seconds... That's about as fast a current 5.0 Mustang lol Anyways... go watch the video! http://youtu.be/MjE-sp6x2GU
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