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Introducing the BAKBox 2! Just Fold It Before Loading Large Cargo Into the Bed

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Hi, guys! Joe from CARiD here.
If you are sick and tired of your old bulky toolbox always getting in your way when loading a large object into you truck bed forcing you to drive with a tailgate open, then I've got a perfect solution for you. Introducing an incredibly versatile fold-away utility box by BAK Industries!

The main advantage of the BAKBox 2, arguably the most convenient toolbox on the market today, is the fact that it simply folds away providing the full length of the bed for large cargo. It is designed to be clamped to the rails of rolling Revolver or folding BAKFlip tonneau covers. No drilling required! You can even mount it at the back by the tailgate for quick access – just flip the cover, and your tools are there, nicely organized under the sliding trays for small items.​

BAK® - BAKBox 2 Folding Toolbox at CARiD.com

This video explains how it works:


  • Fold-up construction with hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Load capacity up to 200 lb
  • 1/2" thick solid core panels
  • Fits under tonneau covers by BAK
  • Keeps content dry and secure when a tonneau cover is closed
  • Invisible when a tonneau cover is closed
  • Measurements: 10"-deep, 10"-wide, and the truck bed width-long
  • Includes organizing tray that can slide from side to side of the box for management of small objects
  • Panels match the tonneau cover
  • Made from strong double-sided aluminum panels
  • Powder coat finish for exceptional durability
The box fits all modern Dodge Ram 1500 models (starting from 1994 model year featuring a 5’7’’, 6’4’’, and 8-foot-long bed)

I will gladly answer any questions about this box in this thread. Click on the pictures above for more detailed info about this unique product!
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