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Is Anyone Worried about the Cost of Parts?

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Just curious if anyone out there has any concerned about the cost of replacement parts for the 3.0 Motori vs the Cummins? From what I've seen you can find parts for the Cummins going for a song, probably due to their proliferation throughout the HD lineup for years.

Now as for the Motori 3.0 its a relatively new engine to north america and its only other use is in the Jeep GC where it does not enjoy a particularly favorable uptake rate.

Just curious what you guys are thinking...
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Your standard maintenance parts like filters and belts should be within a normal range. Major replacement parts will definitely be costly. Lets hope this engine proves itself to be as bulletproof as most of diesel engines. I own a 2005 Dodge Sprinter with a Mercedes 2.7L 5 cylinder turbo diesel. The van has 200k miles on it and the only thing that went out was a serpentine belt tensioner. New one was $125 plus installation so not cheap for a simple part (all imported from Germany). I'm predicting the same situation here. On a positive note, with these new Rams, we have at least 3 years of worry free enjoyment.
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