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Is Anyone Worried about the Cost of Parts?

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Just curious if anyone out there has any concerned about the cost of replacement parts for the 3.0 Motori vs the Cummins? From what I've seen you can find parts for the Cummins going for a song, probably due to their proliferation throughout the HD lineup for years.

Now as for the Motori 3.0 its a relatively new engine to north america and its only other use is in the Jeep GC where it does not enjoy a particularly favorable uptake rate.

Just curious what you guys are thinking...
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being a new engine you wont have as easy of access to say used parts. but new parts i fully expect dealers and warehouses to stock them
Don't hold your breath; back in 2011 my 08 3500 needed a DPF, which is a common failure point. Took more than week to locate and get shipped to the dealer, plus another 8 or so hours to get in. If not under warranty would have cost me nearly $3,000, and am betting the same, or more, for the ED.
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