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Is Anyone Worried about the Cost of Parts?

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Just curious if anyone out there has any concerned about the cost of replacement parts for the 3.0 Motori vs the Cummins? From what I've seen you can find parts for the Cummins going for a song, probably due to their proliferation throughout the HD lineup for years.

Now as for the Motori 3.0 its a relatively new engine to north america and its only other use is in the Jeep GC where it does not enjoy a particularly favorable uptake rate.

Just curious what you guys are thinking...
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Do you think they could have made this truck available in more nations to reduce the cost of parts?
More trucks to supply parts to, less cost for us ;)
Im not sure but if there's any market that could use it if they don't already have them is Australia
Not sure if we would be able to find that out now at this moment, seems like it could take some time before they go into detail on that
That sucks, this will also make aftermarket parts makers price their filters and such just under OEM pricing, but of course you can always get the really low grade stuff for cheap, but how many really want to go for those
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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