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Is it for me??

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Hey everyone. Looking for opinions on whether the ED is for me. I commute 5 days a row in southern Ontario here with around 130km round trip. It's all highway driving, but any Canadians out there can agree with me that the 400 series highway's aren't always traffic free.

Do you guys think that the ED will be beneficial for me compared to the Hemi? Is it worth the $$$ for the upgrade. I know diesel's tend to have higher maintenance costs compared to gasoline engines. Plus the Hemi has been around longer, and proven in the Ram platform.

Anyone with some helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm just trying to get the best bang for my buck.
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I think first things first you need to do your math.

What are your current fuel costs with your current commute.

Take fuel econ for EcoD and HEMI and calculate hypothetical weekly fuel costs for both

Compare your hypotheticals to your actual current commute.

Start from there, then you can start factoring in the increased cost of diesel, DEF and maintenance into your payback.

You will find a ton of diesel support here, but you'll also find many guys objective enough to help you make the right choice for your situation!

Welcome to the boards!
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