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Is my EcoDiesel FUBAR?

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I haven't been on here for a while due to my crazy schedule. Some of you may remember me, but I ordered my Laramie on 7 Feb 14, and took delivery of it on 1 April. Well, this is the first "brand new" vehicle that I have purchased. I thought for sure everything would be okay. Not so fast. About 6 weeks ago my wife told me that she saw a bunch of errors pop up on the EVIC. She wasn't able to fully describe what the errors were because they happened so fast. That night I took the truck out for a spin and saw nothing. Fast forward to 4 weeks ago (on a Sunday) and it happened to me. First a "Service Shifter" popped up. Then a "Service Trailer Brake" popped up. Next a "Service Electronic Brake System". Finally a "Service Power Steering". I thought ok I'll call the dealer and take it in tomorrow morning. I took it to the dealer and they told me there were some updates for the computer. Okay, great. Well I picked up my truck that afternoon and headed home. The next morning as I am running errands, it happens again. But that's not the end of it. My steering wheel started turning left to right by itself and I lost all of my power steering. The EVIC then shut down and rebooted. All I could think to myself was WTF. I had to shut the truck off and turn it back on three times before my power steering came back. I managed to make the 20 mile drive back to my office, where this series of errors and loss of power steering happened two more times. I immediately took the truck to the dealer and it has been sitting there ever since. Almost 3 weeks ago. The dealer and Chrylser cannot figure out what the issue is with the truck. In fact Chrysler engineers are involved, the Star Team. They are attempting to capture the errors while a computer is attached so that they can troubleshoot the problem. Nobody can tell me when I will get my truck back or when it will be fixed. I am paying for a truck that I can't even drive, and the dealer has been driving the truck to catch the errors. I am at a loss for words.

By the way my truck had 4700+ miles on it when this happened.
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I would be demanding a new truck from them... They should also be letting you use another turck free of charge untill it is fixed or replaced.

They need to give you an equivaliant truck while yours is in for service
Sounds like a phone call to Motor Vehicle department is in order.
Sounds like Safety Issues to me...vehicle want's to drive itself?
That's definitely something to look into and i believe there's some lemon law that allows you to request that the car maker buys it back if it was in the shop for too many days in a row consistently, something to keep in mind
thankfully it has warranty because checking all the grounds is something that they will likely take forever with
It's fixed. They are delivering it to me today. The problem was the electronic steering module. It was overheating and shorting out causing other modules to short. For my troubles Chrysler is reimbursing me my truck payment for one month and some extra for the miles they drove my truck while testing it.
good to know
at least it seems they reimbursed you well
are you happy with how they have taken care of the whole situation?
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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