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Is the air Suspension worth it?

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I'm about to place an order for a new 2016, it seems like there has been some issues, are they resolved, or should I past and just install aftermarket rear air bags like I have now on my 2011?
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Depends on climate

I've had my longhorn new since 2014 suspension worked great till this winter luckily my truck still has its warranty! I live in mass where climate gets cold in the winter of course I'm bringing it in for service on mon so they can replace the motor the first time the fuse blew so they replaced it if you live in the warmer climates you may not have a problem good luck!
My Air Suspension System just failed and it's in the shop. Hopefully it's just the fuse. I live in UpState NY and my system failed when I started the truck in the morning. It was 11 degrees, so I assume it was weather related. I also just replaced both front wheel bearing assemblies, which wasn't cheap. I haven't had any issues with my truck until I went over 60,000 miles. Curious if anyone else has these issues.
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