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It was a hard descision...

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...but I decided not to get a ED for myself. Instead I got yet another 2500 Longhorn :D (fourth 2500 over the years). I really tried to get something different (like GMC or Ford), but the GMC have horrible interiors and the front is butt ugly. Both Ford and GM didnt seem interested in selling you a HD truck, I can say the same for some FCA dealers. Being the dismal experience with both GM and Ford I stuck with FCA and contemplated back and forth between either the ED or the HD trucks. The ED surly will tow my 7800# trailer, but it's nice to have the passing capacity that the 6.7 offers.


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Coming from your 2500 history, i'm not surprised you ended up with another 2500. Most of the 2500 guys I know would never go down segment, the only one that did has a wife :D
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