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Just Joined - Needing info

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Wondering if I'm in the right place.
Looking for a forum for Ram 3500?
Just sold my 2 wd '04 3500 & am looking for 4x4

Since I'm in the bird dog business, I
would like to find a flat bed to convert into my
dog hauler/camper or just a good solid 3500 that
will take care of me for a # of years.


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A little bittersweet, huh?! Bitter because we might loose you, sweet because there is a forum you can go to. I would recommend trying RamForumz.com
The good is that they will have the info your looking for, and the bad is that they are not specific to the 3500, so you will have to do some digging for info.
But don't forget about us, and either come back and see us sometime, or point an EcoDiesel owner in our direction!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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