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K&N Air filter

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has anyone installed a K&N filter? I know that they allow more air, they also pass very fine dust particles (I've seen this in other engines I've used K&N on)

will it void the warranty?
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K&N filters can cause the early death of a diesel engine.
If properly cleaned and oiled they are not bad for a gas engine, the problem is most people don't maintain them properly.

With a CTD we have found the OEM air filtering is actually better for mpg than a CAI.
I used a K&N CAI with an additional S&B filter, so I always had a clean, properly oiled filter ready when it was time to change.
After about 5 years, the attitude changed about using CAI from many people that really paid attention to the functionality of them vs OEM with the new 4" thick filters.
So I reinstalled the OEM Box and added a DPP Cool Hose and picked up just shy of 1.5 mpg.

I know this is a different type of diesel engine, but it still uses a turbo, just something to think about before falling for all the salesmanship BS.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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