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Preserve the pristine condition of your carpeting and keep your interior clean with brand new all-season Profile Series Floor & Cargo Liners by Westin. The newest all-season Profile Series Floor & Cargo Liners by Westin Automotive will provide you with the complete floor coverage, and protect the carpeting from the wear, dirt, and liquids.

The liners feature raised 2” lips and textured surface with a deep pattern to securely trap the water and debris inside. Profile Series Floor & Cargo Liners are manufactured from the grade-A flexible and durable rubberized polymer to last a lifetime and keep the shape even under heavy loads.

Profile Series Floor & Cargo Liners by Westin


  • Protects vehicle carpet from daily wear and tear
  • Easy to install
  • Made of flexible, durable and odorless rubberized polymer
  • Liners maintain their shape in heat, cold and from heavy loads
  • Designed to contour vehicle floor area
  • Up to 2" lip around liner edge keeps spills and debris contained
  • Raised textured surface for strong traction
  • Material is easy to clean
  • Application specific designs available for trucks, cars, and SUV/CUVs
  • Great for use in all seasons

Browse this page for more information on the new Westin Floor & Cargo Liners.
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