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Carrying sharp-edged objects, branches, heavy cargo, and other bulky equipment in your pickup's bed can easily lead to damage. Guys at BackRack know how to help you out. This brand is a premier worldwide manufacturer of pickup truck protection racks and accessories.

BackRack safety rack and back rack cab protectors offer a stylish solution to the headache of worrying about dented metal and broken glass from cargo rudely asserting itself into your personal space. They require no drilling on most applications and are compatible with the most popular tonneau covers.

Take advantage of a great BackRack offer and get a $30 Truck Hero Visa Prepaid Card for any BackRack Rack and bracket combo purchased through January 31, 2022. Please complete the following PDF form to get your rebate.

BackRack® - Back Rack Cab Guard

BackRack® - Safety Rack Cab Guard

BackRack® - Louvered Headache Rack

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