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Laramie fender flares

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Can anyone confirm if laramies come standard with wheel flares? How about near bars? When I ordered my truck neither of those were highlighted and we went thru the entire list 2 or 3 times. No big deal either way just curious. One thing that bummed me out is when I selected the tow group, it took the spray in bed liner option away. We unselected the tow group and it showed the liner so we checked it but then it wouldn't let me pick the tow group.....said screw it I'll keep the tow group and do an aftermarket spray in liner. Thanks in advance!
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I don't think it comes with the fender flares. You should be able to order the tow group with the bed liner no problem. I ordered my 2015 Laramie CC ED a week or so ago and spec'd both of them together. I've heard of some guys having issues one day with the order system and then trying again the next and it works for some reason.
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