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Laramie fender flares

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Can anyone confirm if laramies come standard with wheel flares? How about near bars? When I ordered my truck neither of those were highlighted and we went thru the entire list 2 or 3 times. No big deal either way just curious. One thing that bummed me out is when I selected the tow group, it took the spray in bed liner option away. We unselected the tow group and it showed the liner so we checked it but then it wouldn't let me pick the tow group.....said screw it I'll keep the tow group and do an aftermarket spray in liner. Thanks in advance!
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Bummer! Maybe I should have waited a day or two to place the order. Good news is I just got a call from my dealer yesterday saying they should have it in the next 3-4 days! Guess I'll find out about the flares then. I searched last night and all the laramies I found had flares.
Kinda forgot about this thread. ..but laramies do come with flares....monotone & two tone get em. As far as the nerf bars, that must be an option as mine did not come with them from the factory. My laramie is a 14....The incentives were too good to pass up. I ordered in the beginning of July and the cost between the years was a no brainer...not to mention I have a truck with extremely low miles given its technically a model year old. Right around 11 grand off sticker and that didn't include the money I put down.

As far as the bars go, I can't confirm but I can't see how they would have changed mounts mid build. My 14 wasn't built till mid august of '14 and my aftermarket bars fit my factory mount locations perfectly. On a side note, most aftermarket bars come with a much better warranty! Oh and they are much less expensive. If I recall the dealer quoted me 6 or 650 & I paid 340 shipped with a lifetime warranty!
Thanks for the feedback! I too will be getting a Laramie (it's on order) and now I'm wondering if the flares will work with aftermarket mud flaps. And BTW, I will also be getting aftermarket step bars, just don't know from whom yet, cheaper with better warranty, just like you said!
Yes on the aftermarket flaps. I have a set of huskys that are the fitted ones that look great. They also fit with the raptor nerf bars I have. The mopar flaps will not work with flares and dealer told me front mopar flaps wouldn't work with the factory running boards either.
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