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Less than 1k miles & used 2 qts oil

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I've got less than 1k miles & almost used 2 quarts of oil. 75% of this was varied highway speed (55 to 75 mph) the remainder was commuting to work (6 miles city, one way). During my highway speeds of 55 to 60, the computer indicated I was getting 32 MPG.

I failed to check the oil before taking delivery from the dealer which was my mistake so I'm not absolutely sure it's leaked or burned it. BTW, no leaks on the driveway.

Has anyone else experience this much oil consumption?

Also, what brand/type of oil comes in these engines? The owners manual says synthetic. Or, should I buy from the dealer?

2015 Laramie 1500, 4x4, 3:92 gears
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Take it back to dealer and have them deal with it. The sooner you get it back to dealer service the better because it begins to document the problem. They should top it off and put a mark on the dip stick and give it back to you and have you drive it for 500 miles or so and come back in and take a look at the dip stick to see if the oil level has dropped.

If you choose to get the oil yourself and put it in, get it at the dealer! That way you have a receipt of the purchase of the oil in case there is an issue down the road with the motor and they blame you for putting in the wrong oil. The oil is some super synthetic European diesel oil, Pennzoil brand I believe.
I was just going to add oil, but taking it back to the dealer is a better idea.
Good Call. Your truck is still new, it is still covered by new truck warranty no cost to you.

I am dealing with a lemon now and the best piece of advise I can give to anyone is if you think there is a problem within the 18k miles and 18 months on your truck is to take it in and push your issues with it so that everything is documented. Keep all paper work!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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