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Leveling and Upgrading the Stabilizer Bar?

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Looking at leveling my EcoDiesel with Bilstein 5100 Adj Height Shocks and was wondering whether I should consider upgrading the Front Stabilizer bar at the same time? Been known to travel mountain roads at fairly high speeds. Any thoughts out there?:confused:
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Never mind! Read that Hellwig believes the Ram's front sway bars are thick enough to do the job as designed.
Nice! Hopefully that turns out to be the case, usually they're good in that department.
Very interested in hearing what those shocks do for your truck, both in terms of lift and ride.
As well, what installation is like.

I had the exact same shocks on my previous ride (Toyota Tundra). Bilstiein makes a quality product as the shocks looked like they would last a lifetime. I had mine for 30k miles before I traded it in and they were still cherry.

I can tell you right now your ride will be stiffer. It won't absorb bumps at slower speeds as well, but traveling on a little rougher terrain will be smoother than stock shocks. Performance minded shocks work best when being exercised like they were designed (off road, daily driving, high speed maneuvering, etc.).
Now in the back order mill for the 5100s. Good things for those who wait!
don't these Bilstiein shocks hold their value well too?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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