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lifted longhorn

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Ram 1500 Diesel Forum - naturecoast's Album: Lifted longhorn 4x4

For those of you thinking about lifts. Here is mine.

6 inch Pro Comp with 2 inch front spacer. 20x12 Moto Metal with 20x12.5 Terra Grappler G2. EGR flares. Amp research power boards. Drives as smooth as stock.
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Just outta curiosity, what kind of hit did you take on your fuel economy? And have you been able to correct your error in your speedometer with the larger tires?

I put a set of black 20x9 xd monsters with a stock size but more aggressive a/t tire (winter wheels) with no suspension mods and lost around 1-2 mpg.....that's just an estimate because being winter the truck runs abit more warming up.
Oh yea...totally agreed. Just more of a curiosity of mine.
Were you able to correct your speedometer? I assume your tires are taller than stock?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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