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Long term Ram Owner goes Eco Diesel

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Ofter owning 6 Ram rucks for both personal use and company use, I have decided that the new truck would be the ECO Diesel. Of the last 6 trucks I have had no major mechanical issues. Always kept them well serviced and maintained. Yesterday I went and picked up my new truck. While I was finishing the paperwork with the F&I staff they advised me that they would fill my new truck with DEF and Fuel and run it through the wash bay. About 30 min later the sales guy comes in and advises that the lot guy after he washed the truck left it in Nuetral and it rolled into another new truck.

Long story short. They will be replacing the rear 1/4 panel and nocked off $1000. more from the price, if I took the vehicle.
It was not the way I wanted to sart my ownership but left with it. Drove 170 miles home. The mileage off the lot to home was 26.7 MPG. The ride was great, quiet and uneventfull. Dealer called this morning to advise the part will be in next week, and they will get me in as soon as it arrives.

So far so good. I will keep you informed.
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Welcome to the forum!

Congrats on getting the ED!
I mean, all things considered, this is just something you have to laugh at. If the panel gets fixed and everything looks fine, then ultimately you just saved $1,100.

Why the change to diesel after many years of petrol?
Yup, it's a good win for him and for the dealer since even the slightest of things will turn some people away. Good deal to get, one that's reasonable too.
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