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looking at a eco diesel

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i'm looking at a big horn crew cab 4x4 that ends up with a sticker of 50k. what do you think i could get it for? normally i have a pretty good idea but the pricing these days seems out of wack.
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Well the diesels are selling well so it may be hard to get a big deal on it. I wouldn't expect to get too much less than MSRP.
They are hard to find/get right now and very in demand. I just got a $2500 factory rebate and the dealer gave me $1000 for my trade in than Carmax would give me. Mine is a Black Big Horn 2x4 my sons have named "The Beast". Got 33mpg on the Fwy with cruise set at 70. Only had it 2 days so far but no complaints.......lol
The gas cap is a joke but if that's all I get to complain about I'll take it.
I bought a ED SLT Outdoorsman stickered at 44.5K. They lowered it to about 40k and I got 0 percent financing for 72 months. If you can find what u want in the 14 model they might work with ya :D
I ordered a 14 laramie om July. Got invoice price and with all rebates and incentives I was just shy of 11 grand off sticker not including my down payment. Good luck!
My CC Big horn had a sticker of $49k . Got it down to 38k with friends and family and there my have been a few other discounts in there. Tax and tags brought it to like 41k + a 6 year 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty the total ended up being 44k financed at 0%.
well i just threw out 40k on a 50k sticker and they said ok. i said ok find the truck and he later calls me and says he's found it.

meanwhile i learned the big horn doesn't have automatic climate control. what modern 50k vehicle doesn't have dual zone automatic control? i love that in all my other vehicles.....in fact the last car i had without it was an 81 VW
Yea i dont have that either in my big horn, While it was great in my last car, i really dont miss it that much. So what i have to turn the temp up or down
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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