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looking for some help

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Hey guys!

I just recently purchased a 15 ED outdoorsman and was a super happy camper the day i test drove it and while driving home. I live in AK and purchased on 20 Jan, on 21 Jan i went to start the truck sitting outside with a rough ambient air temp of 5. I used the auto start and the truck failed to start. I went out to the truck and thought well maybe im just dumb and dont know how to work all the new stuff. The dash indicated the auto start failure and said to use the key. I tried that method and the truck failed again. I receive one audible click from under the drives door and nothing further. I had the truck towed to my local dealer and service began. I am pleased with my service center however very unhappy with the $50K truck failing to start.

My service center said it was a software issue and after an update everything was good to go. I received my truck back that night. The next morning the truck failed to start again just using my key so back to the dealership. I even had the sales manager come out and try and start the truck and he couldnt. The ram engineers had my service center check the grounds in the truck and after that had zero issue getting the truck to start. I had them keep it for a couple days to ensure everything still worked. i picked the truck up the following Saturday.

I had the truck for another week with zero issues and again was very happy with my purchase. I did notice that after driving my truck for any exteneded period of time i get roughly 5-7 seconds of clicking from under the drivers door but as it was every time i assumed it was normal. I went to go start my truck this last Sunday and the truck failed to fire again.

Now as i said before i live in AK and the air temp that day was just below freezing. I explained to my service center that it is legitimately a life and death situation if this truck was unreliable and failed to start when my wife and I are out enjoying the wilderness in AK. (average roadside i have seen since its my 3rd time is over 1 hour) They completely understood and agreed as i would expect and have had the truck back in there possession since Sunday night.

I told them about the clicking and had another manager try and fail to start the truck, however after that my service center has said it has fired every time for them. They have a new starter on the way but that may take an additional week to arrive.

My real question is what else have you you all heard going wrong with failed starting so i can try and point my service center in the right direction. Also is that clicking after shutdown normal?

I know its long but i appreciate the feedback as i move forward to get my new truck back in order or replaced.
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Welcome to the forum Sully, and sorry to hear about your issues. Lots of great people here that I'm sure will pipe up.
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