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Love 'em or hate 'em?

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With understanding that the forum is a good place to seek info (and vent) when things go wrong, some might think the EcoDiesel is prone to failure. I'm feeling pretty fortunate that I have not had any of the problems that have been posted by owners. Hence, thought it would be worth some time to send a positive note.

I now have 24,500 miles on my 2014 Laramie 4x4 crew cab (delivered on 6/30/14). Other than some minimal irritation with the quirkiness of the 8.4a UConnect multi-media system, the poor quality of the navigation system (btw, map updates are supposed to be released today, 5/18), and the cheap tires that came with the truck (and were replaced within 2 weeks), I've been very pleased with my truck. I have had no mechanical difficulties thus far (knocking on wood!). And, as mentioned in a previous post, I've yet to experience a regeneration (doesn't mean it didn't happen--just haven't noticed). Still quite pleased with my truck. Just wish the local pack rats didn't find it attractive as well; they like hanging out on the felt battery cover (going to get those bastards yet!).
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Nice note, thanks for this. I too have about 27,000 kms on mine, delivered 10/14, and have not had one bit of trouble.
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