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Love 'em or hate 'em?

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With understanding that the forum is a good place to seek info (and vent) when things go wrong, some might think the EcoDiesel is prone to failure. I'm feeling pretty fortunate that I have not had any of the problems that have been posted by owners. Hence, thought it would be worth some time to send a positive note.

I now have 24,500 miles on my 2014 Laramie 4x4 crew cab (delivered on 6/30/14). Other than some minimal irritation with the quirkiness of the 8.4a UConnect multi-media system, the poor quality of the navigation system (btw, map updates are supposed to be released today, 5/18), and the cheap tires that came with the truck (and were replaced within 2 weeks), I've been very pleased with my truck. I have had no mechanical difficulties thus far (knocking on wood!). And, as mentioned in a previous post, I've yet to experience a regeneration (doesn't mean it didn't happen--just haven't noticed). Still quite pleased with my truck. Just wish the local pack rats didn't find it attractive as well; they like hanging out on the felt battery cover (going to get those bastards yet!).
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Has anyone had their problems escalated to the lemon Law Division of Ram? I have had the same problem over 10 times, and weeks down. Fuel Rail pressure senor. The senor has been replaced twice, Harness replaced, new computer, and keeps popping code. Ram advised yesterday, that they are escalating my case to the Lemon Law buy back section. Has anyone gone through this?
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