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Love my truck, HATE the EPA!

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Driving home from work last Wednesday, I heard a chime and got the message on the EVIC "Incorrect DEF detected, see dealer. I ignored the message thinking it was a fluke because the truck has been drinking the same DEF since I bought it six months ago. The next day I get "Engine Will Not Restart Service DEF System See Dealer". So I take it to the dealer and they tell me that the DEF in the tank is bad and it needs to be drained and refilled at a cost of $200. They asked what brand of DEF I used and I told them a mixture of Blue DEF and Turbo Caire, both of which met the ISO standards called out in the Chrysler diesel engine supplement and they suggested I use Mopar DEF in the future. When I picked it up, they said the DEF in the tank tested at 27% urea instead of the required 32.5%, which is what threw the code. I challenged them about the fact that the DEF I used met the same ISO standards as their MOPAR brand and at less than half the price. They said I can use whatever brand I like, but if I had used theirs, the cost of draining the tank would have been covered. WTF? I have to assume that the low urea concentration was due to condensation, but what control do I, the consumer have over that? If it happens again, I'm going to be looking for some concentrated urea to stoke up the mixture. I realize that the automakers are required to come up with these systems to meet the absurd government requirements, but why the **** should I be threatened with having my truck shut down for something beyond my control.

If RAM expects to make 20% of their 1500's diesel in the next year, it had better not get out that owners need to feed them expensive MOPAR DEF to cover their butts.

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Why are you using a mixture out of curiosity?
LOL, wow thats good spin on their end AHAHAHAAA
That doesn't sound like a spin, the fluid tested at 27% and needed to be 35%. I expect that would through a code and draining the tank is the only solution in this case. How or why it happened is outside the dealer control.

I am surprised that different DEF could have different concentrations and still meet the standard. I haven't bought any yet, I'm getting near the bottom of my first tank. Does the package state the concentration level in a % or does it only state that it meets the standard?
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