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Love to Report Good News

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Maybe I will soon, dealing with the issue of my windshield washer pump.

Back in May I tried it and it did not work. Had the truck since March but maybe never tried the darn thing. Dealer checked it out and told me the pump was "broken". They told me they ordered a new one. FYI, I think it's in the washer bottle.

Week after week I got some variation of a "story" from service. All were related to Ram and the part. After a month I contacted Ram Customer Service. They opened up a case on the issue. It's just been a few days now but still no good news to report.

It is an American company. You would think they have parts for their product here in America. I'm not so sure based on tidbits I hear during contacts. Hope I'm wrong.
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I'd heard of the Eco's seeing parts delays, but those were for Motori specific parts. I'm fairly certain the bottle and fluid pump are common across the 1500 range...

I was told repeatedly the part is "restricted". That's about all I asked the Ram customer service to explain.

Been told to demand the dealer take one off another truck. They were good to me. I think this is a problem Ram should deal with and in a prompt manner.

No news on the issue today either. When the phone "don't" ring I know it's ...
I wonder if you head to the parts counter to try and purchase a washer fluid pump what would happen....

Bingo, its the ring around?
err, I'm sure someone else is more than capable of getting your truck into the system...
jump when i say jump, as if there was a method to the madness...
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