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Low voltage

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Hey everybody I'm new to the site looking for some help. I bought a new ecodiesel the other day and have had it at the dealership for 4 out of the 6 days of owning it. I keep getting the low voltage warning and diesel preheat warning. Has anybody else had this problem and if so what was the solution. The service dept still hasn't figured it out.
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Interesting, haven't noticed those mentioned, but I might have missed that.

Would you try taking it to a different dealer? That just might help as they may have some more knowledgeable techs their.
Ya it's still there I'm going to wait it out and see what happens. Still trying to figure it out.
Hopefully they fix it but it might be worth looking into lemon laws for your state.
Finally just got the call they said there was a bad wire on one of the wireing harnesses and he said he repositioned the ground wire. Goinf to pick it up in a couple hours.
As an electrical engineer, I have to ask what is a bad wire? A bad wire could mean several things, such as partially broken or bad connection in the connector. This I can understand, but moving the ground? The ground was attached at the design location for all like trucks. Why should the dealer move the ground, when it works for all other trucks of the same kind? That doesn't make sense...
He just said bad wire but the ground he said he didn't think it was secure. But will see in a few hours but thanks everybody for the help.
A poor ground will cause voltage to be dropped across it and reduce voltage to what is being fed. A loose ground connection is most likely the cause of the problem. Good luck, let's hope that fixes it.
That's not something I heard of before. With so many computer controls and sensors it's maybe a bit "refreshing" to hear of a plain old simple bad wire.

Hope the fix works.
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