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SO the Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel just received a Magnaflow option. Considering the popularity of exhausts with pickup owners I figure its only a matter of time (short time) before we see a magnaflow for the RAM EcoDiesel. Figure its just the pipe bends that need to be altered, the 3.0 EcoDiesel is identical..
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You must have been exhausted after that....lmao !!!
I am new to the forum; but am at the point of litigation with my 1-year-old, 12K miles Ram 1500 Ecodiesel. Let me explain and then PLEASE tell me if there is a solution. When I bought the truck NO ONE told me it was NOT SUITABLE for in town driving. By painful experience I discovered that when the exhaust system starts into regen, one must drive the truck at highway speed for the process to complete--and here is the problem--that the truck CANNOT be turned off until the regen process is complete.If one does turn the truck off, when you restart the truck it well protect itself (the dealer is calling the "limp" mode), cannot be drive more than about 5 mph and MUST BE TOWED TO THE DEALER! At least that is what the service manager and general manager at Allstar Dodge in Denham Springs, La. is telling me. Can that be correct? It must be, because it happened twice before anyone told me about turning the vehicle off when the regen alert showed up.. Call me crazy, but that is am impossible requirement. There are any number of reasons that one CANNOT IMMEDIATE proceed to a highway and drive at highway speed for 10 or 15 minutes for the exhaust system to clean itself. I have spoken with Chrysler, and been on hold while they spoke to the dealership. (get this--the rep from Chrysler politely tried to tell me the information abot the exhause regen is the in the owner's manual. And when I informed her that I didn't the owner's manual until AFTER I bought the truck, she politely said, "Oh, that's right." Any comments, questions, or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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