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Submission Entries. Please post your entries and pictures in this thread.

I will be needing 6 member entries. For the ones who don't get in, wait for the next months entry thread.

A poll will be added containing the entered submissions where all members get the chance to vote on their favorite EcoBoost Ram. The person with the most votes at the end of the month will be the winner for this month!

Submissions must include:

EcoBoost Ram 1500 belonging to you

Up to 3 photos (Minimum 2)

Modifications list (If available)

*The first 6 entries will be selected
*Pictures must be of current state of your EcoBoost Ram 1500.
Remember, please post your entries and 2-3 pictures in this thread only.

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Oh, I don't know. I guess, I was thinking that it's open ended to how ever many want to participate. On a personal note, I'm hoping to get mine done (still adding some accessories) for this month, but I don't think I'm gonna make it with the kids busy weekend schedule. (Baseball, soccer, judo... You know how that goes!)
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