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Mopar Mobile app suggestions

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Just wondering if anyone has had any problems getting mopar mobile app to work. Password and username login page has been saying invalid name or password. It works on there website fine. My uconnect app works great. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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what is this mobile app you speak of?
Its mopar owner connect app. Im trying to use it for remote start, locking and unlocking doors from my phone.
You need to make sure you download the "UConnect" app for the remote start, etc. I've noticed it only works for remote start well when connected to wi-fi. I've odd issues when using cell only connection.

Hope it helps.

Yea I have the uconnect app and it works pretty good, just a little slow for me. Just trying to give the mopar app a try, if it would work.
Thanks for your input though
My app wasn't working when I first downloaded it and I called Uconnect. They asked if I registered on the app before setting it up in the truck which was the case. He told me to delete the app and reinstall. That was it, loaded up perfect.
My ap will never save my username & password. Same for U-connect. I'm not really bothered by it since I use my key fob. I've found many phone aps to be buggy if they are supposed to control something remotely. My work alarm ap rarely works when I'm away from the office, but my smart thermostat at home seems to work just fine - both the alarm & the thermostat are the same manufacturer...go figure.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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